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On the sheet „Ordering“ check, if all data is filled in correctly. After agreeing to Web Shop´s terms and conditions, click „Purchase“. Once the order is placed, an automatic reply will be sent to the e-mail address provided, that your order is received. Your order will be revised during two (2) working days, after which Skano will send order confirmation and pre-payment invoice.


All prices are given inclusive VAT 20%

Delivery cost will be added to the total order. The exact cost will be advised together with estimated time of delivery..

Standard Terms and Condition of Sale

Applicable in the web shop as from 1 June 2018

1. General provisions 
1.1. These Standard Terms and Conditions (STCs) outline the legal relationship between OÜ Skano Furniture (hereinafter “Seller”) and the Buyer and general conditions for transactions between the Seller and the Buyer (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Parties). The STCs apply to any and all legal relationships established between the Parties.
1.2. The legal relationship between the the Parties is governed by the STCs, the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, and, where available, by an Order and/or a Contract.
1.3. If there is a conflict between the STCs and an Order, the Order prevails. If there is a conflict between the STCs or an Order and a Contract, the Contract prevails.
The words in STCs that are in singular also refer to plural – and vice versa – wherever necessitated by the context. The section headings of STCs merely facilitate reading and have no effect on the interpretation of the contents of sections.
1.4. Each section of STCs will be interpreted in conjunction with other sections herein in view of the purpose and objective of STCs.

2. Definitions
2.1. Seller means OÜ Skano Furniture, Suur-Jõe 48, 80042 Pärnu, Commercial Registry code 10967536.
2.2. Buyer means a natural or legal person who buys or intends to buy Products and/or Services offered by the Seller.
2.3. Product means any piece of furniture and/or other furnishing item sold by the Seller to the Buyer.
2.4. Service means a spatial plan or interior design drawn up by the Seller on the request of the Buyer, or transport of sold Products to a destination specified by the Buyer, and/or assembly and installation of Products.
2.5. Price List means a document approved by the Seller that includes the prices of Products and Services.
2.6. Order Confirmation means a document deemed to serve as a contract of purchase and sale between the Buyer and the Seller.
2.7. Delivery Period means a period by the end of which the Product and/or provided Service must be made available to the Buyer.

3. Prices 
3.1. The applicable prices of Products and/or Services are set out in the Price List established by the Seller. The prices in the Price List include value-added tax (VAT) and exclude the cost of pallets for the delivery of Products. The prices in the Price List include the cost of packaging.
3.2. The Seller may modify the Price List unilaterally. Modifications will enter into force either on the day they are made or on another date set by the Seller. Price List modifications will have no retroactive effect on Price Offers and Orders made prior to such modifications.

4. Payment terms 
4.1. Before starting to fill an Order, the Seller may require the Buyer to make a prepayment for the Product and/or Service in the amount agreed with the Buyer. For Orders placed through the web shop, the prepayment invoice needs to be paid in full to ensure that the Order will be filled. Any amounts payable by the Buyer will be deemed duly paid to the Seller once the respective amounts have appeared on the Sellers bank account.

5. Ordering of Products and/or Services 
5.1. The Buyer shall place an order with the Seller through the web shop to buy a Product and/or Service.
The Order will be reviewed and an Order Confirmation along with information on the transport cost and delivery period will be e-mailed to the Buyer.
5.2. Once the prepayment invoice is paid, you will be e-mailed a letter of confirmation to advise you of the acceptance of the Order. Such letter of confirmation indicates the date when the Products you have ordered will be available in our warehouse and the method of their delivery to the destination specified by you. If a single Order covers products with different Delivery Periods, the delivery date will be determined according to the Product with the longest Delivery Period.

6. Filling of Orders
6.1. The Seller starts to fill an Order once the prepayment has been made in due time.
6.2. The Order placed by the Buyer and the invoice will be annulled if the prepayment has not been made within 7 days of the invoice date.

7. Delivery of Products and/or Services
7.1. The delivery & receipt of Products means the placing of Products at the disposal of the Buyer depending on the delivery terms set out in the Order.
7.2. Products shall be delivered to the Buyer or his representative by an agent of the transport company upon the presentation of an identity document.
7.3. The Buyer’s shall confirm the receipt of Products by signing the delivery note showing the name and quantity of Products (number of packages). An authorised representative of the Buyer must provide proof of his powers.
7.4. If the Buyer has failed to accept the delivery of Products within an reasonable time limit due to a good reason, the Seller may grant an extension to the Buyer – both Parties must agree on such extensions in each individual case. The Seller shall notify the Buyer in writing of granting an extension for accepting the delivery of Products. If the Buyer fails to accept the delivery of Products within the extended time limit granted by the Seller, the Seller may cancel the Order.

8. Transfer of risks 
8.1. The risk of accidental destruction of and/or damage to the Product shall be transferred to the Buyer at the time of delivery of the Product.

9. Protection of intellectual property
9.1. Any documents delivered to the Buyer (e.g., drawings, sketches, plans, etc.) shall remain the intellectual property of the Seller. Their reproduction or transfer to third parties for use is prohibited.